In that same spirit, we conceived, Woven Waters(TM) Inc., in 2013. We are a textile design and product development company. We are very much "for profit"; however, beyond what is reasonably necessary to sustain the company, all profits will be donated to partner organizations working to resolve water-related issues. Water is our Mother. Water unites us all. It is our most important resource. It is endangered.

In addition to providing funding resources for water projects, we are committed to a sustainable textile production life-cycle, particularly in the area of water conservation and support fair trade policies. We seek to work with other similarly committed textile and product (e.g. fashion, interior) designers and developers. To see our gallery of textile swatches, rug and tapestry designs, and projects browse Immaterial.

Japan Reflections 

Earthquake, Tsunami, and radioactive ruin

Textiles & Digital Prints, Copyright 2011

canyon cloth

Inspired by the impact of water on the landscape of the desert SW US, we will introduce in 2014 this suite of textiles & prints..

If YOU BELIEVE THAT a picture is worth a thousand words, then I HAVE SOME STORIES TO SHARE with you.

a lad's insane rugs

A gallery of floor coverings, for the home or business, inspired by the warp and weave of this fascinating world around us. 


If you would like to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.


nature's tapestry

A gallery of wall hangings, abstract expressions of the Nature's complex and dynamic multi-dimensional forces..

chuck rounds

In the summer of 2011,I displayed some new artwork to a friend; she prefaced her favorable response, "More woven waters...." I smiled. She knew my work. In my "Sr Thesis" undergraduate suite of six paintings, A Walk in the Woods, one was a grove of Sequoia under a sky of swirling water. The third semester of my MFA coincided with Hurricane Katrina; in response I painted a suite, a series of 12, I Got the Hurricane Blues.

Goddard College, has a strong community service component. It was a principal attraction to their program v. a more traditional art school. In the winter of 2006, the college organized several week-long trips for students to work with Habitat for Humanity building new homes in storm-damaged Mississippi. I was compelled to participate for a week in December. I had to give something back for the gift of the paintings.

In the aftermath of the Great Sendai Earthquake, I became yet again artistically and spiritually obsessed with a water-related emergency. For countless stunned hours, I consumed volumes of headlines, articles, quotes, statistics and the images, video and still, of the horror. This series are my meditations, my attempt to distill all the information and to make sense of the devastation. In these abstract digital images you will find references to Japanese textiles, the flag of Japan, and Katsushika Hokusai's famous 19th century woodblock print, The Great Wave of Kanagawa, as well of course to the chaos and color from all those published images from this disaster....               See More

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woven waters


This is the Woven Waters (TM) Portfolio, our gallery, of fabric swatches, textiles, and projects. All sales to benefit water ecology.

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Textile Designs & Digital Prints

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