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The Architecture of infinite consciousness

11 Digital Prints, Copyright 2013​. 
As "esoteric" as I may seem, I also have a need to ground all this spiritual lightning. Much of what I learned during the flights through the upper world, upon return investigation, seems anchored in arcane aspects of primitive cultures, ancient philosophers, and modern science and theory. Through my "real world" research, many of the "received" tidbits could be traced to such as an Egyptian "god", Thoth, or an ancient alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus.

You query with pause, "... Say what?" Smiling a bit sheepishly, I blink, gently nodding. "I know.... Right?" Then I chuckle, shaking my head, "It's a mystery!"

With this series of images, humbly, I have attempted to visualize for you my experience of being in the midst of the warp and weave of the universe, flying through the multi-dimensional grid of endless consciousness through which everything connects. We are each, every entity is, an energetic pulsing jewel in Indra's infinite necklace.

Of course, every day in the studio, journeying, making art, it is not in a vacuum. I am awash in the day's worldly events as well. This project was marinated with images of vast modern Chinese "ghost towns" and the storm-ravaged mid-Atlantic U.S. coast. In my continued attempts to connect even the most profane to the holy, I created these sacred "landscapes" from publicly-sourced gay erotica. While I used a different palette for the series to reflect the nature of that light-filled world, I hope it comforts and welcomes.

While "queering" the landscape, destabilizing your footing, hopefully affecting 'deep seeing", these works may provide sanctuary, a liminal space for you to enter through meditation. Spiritual maps are only to provide entrance, a portal. A way through is your journey, your path.
My "journey work" in the past, largely focused on entranced travel through  the under- and the middle-worlds of shamanic reality. During the "drowning" incident on the eve of November 2012 full moon (recorded in the folio, Hot Tub Transformations), and for several months afterward, accompanied by guides, "light beings", I explored the shamanic upper world. As revealed through my art making (not that it's separate from the journey, it is also the journey), this folio reflects my visions from that period.

My shamanic journeys, during the 2013 Winter, embodied my beliefs that we are consciousness. In my astral body, accompanied as an invited guest by "light beings", I flew through the upper world. Wonderland-like, dizzy, my visual perspective oddly telescoped, skewed, distant things grew in size and were smaller in proximity. My guides and I communicated directly mind to mind. I amassed new information as if by osmosis. I would return to this world of every day reality with even more questions, yet, filled with knowing.

It is from consciousness that we borrow individual experience and are "born". Consciousness is infinite. It is ever-expanding, through our experiences and relationships, our efforts to grow and change.. It is to universal consciousness that we return again and again. We exist forever within consciousness; yet, we are its co-creators and its stewards. All is mind, as a Buddhist might offer. All is an illusion. All is a n-dimensional hologram, as the theoretical physicist might suggest.

Increasingly, with each additional journey, I returned with a type of hyper-clarity. My mind seems to be weaving new neural pathways. I'm making connections between multiple experiences, across varied disciplines and integrating with the knowledge shared during my journey work.